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The best colors used in business cards

The business card of any business is used to make it stand out amongst the rest. It is basically a symbol that will be associated with your business and your products and services till the time that you call it quits! For this reason, it is extremely important for your business card design to be… Read More »

How to create my own vintage homeware

What’s vintage homeware all about? Well, if truth be told, it ranges right from furniture to ceramics, from fabrics to items in the kitchen and even toys. The one thing with vintage homeware is that it serves a purpose in the household. Simply put, there are specific purposes that vintage homeware serves. Moving on with… Read More »

5 Famous Graphic Design Misconceptions Corrected

This article aims to correct the popular misconceptions about graphic design. Hopefully, this would also help us see graphic design and the graphic designers on a positive note. Graphic design won’t take long. Many people thought formulating a design only takes a few minutes. Although some graphic artists can flawlessly finish a design in less… Read More »