5 Famous Graphic Design Misconceptions Corrected

By | April 19, 2017

This article aims to correct the popular misconceptions about graphic design. Hopefully, this would also help us see graphic design and the graphic designers on a positive note.

  1. Graphic design won’t take long.

Many people thought formulating a design only takes a few minutes. Although some graphic artists can flawlessly finish a design in less than an hour, the statement is not applicable for all artists. Graphic design requires time for brainstorming, conceptualization and actual designing. The speed would always depend on the expertise and experience of the graphic designer Dubai, as well as on the difficulty of the task. Never ever pressure the graphic designer in terms of time so he/she can concentrate on the quality of the project.

  1. Graphic design has no rules.

If this argument is true, then why do top universities offer graphic design courses? If photography and painting have rules and principles, of course graphic design also has its own set of rules! There are hierarchy guidelines, rule of spacing, rules of composition, alignment principles, and typeface rules to name a few.

  1. Graphic design is best done on a laptop or desktop.

This is false. Graphic designers also use tablets and digital pens in creating high quality graphics. The tablet allows them to freely scribble and draw the concept just like how we do it on paper and boards. Design apps are also widely available on tablets and even smartphones. Thus, it’s really possible to create graphics other than a desktop or a laptop.

  1. If you want to do the best type of graphics, use only Mac computers.

Most designers prefer to use Mac computers because of their performance, operating systems and reliability. However, it is not true that you can’t create excellent graphics using other computer brands. The quality of the output would still depend on the skills, resourcefulness and creativity of the artist.

  1. Graphic design is a piece of cake.

Graphic design is not as easy as we think it is. Aside from creativity and persistence, it also requires familiarity to all types of fonts and color schemes. The graphic artist should be keen on details, have good writing grammar and must be able to work on his/her own. Most of the time, they also need patience especially when clients asked them to revise or totally scrap their work.


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