Knowing The 3 Primary Sections of the Graduate Record Exam

By | June 15, 2017

Did you know that there are 700,000+ people who are taking up the Graduate Record Exam (GRE) every year? Many people are saying that the GRE is somehow similar to its college-entrance cousin, the Scholastic Assessment Test (commonly known as the SAT). But, they have many differences.


The Graduate Record Exam is commonly a computer-based exam, unlike the Scholastic Assessment Test. It basically means that you do not need a No. 2 pencil and the standard bubble sheets to take up GRE. On this computer-adaptive examination, the complexity of each question is based on the accuracy of your answers to the previous questions. So, if your answers on the first sets of 20 verbal and quantitative reasoning questions are commendable, expect that you will get harder questions on the next sets of questions.


The Graduate Record Exam is divided into 3 primary sections: verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, and analytical writing.


  • Verbal Reasoning Section – for this section, test takers have two 30-minute periods to answer two sets of 20 verbal reasoning questions. The verbal reasoning section assesses the test takers’ ability in analyzing and evaluating written materials. The first half of this section is about reading some passages and answering questions about those passages. The second half is about reading, interpreting, and completing existing sentences and paragraphs.


  • Quantitative Reasoning Section – for this section, test takers have two 35-minute periods to answer two sets of quantitative reasoning questions. The quantitative reasoning section assesses the test takers’ basic math skills, understanding of primary math concepts, and their ability in reasoning quantitatively as well as solving problems using quantitative methods. For those who hate integral calculus, trigonometry, and geometry, you are in luck because these 3 branches of mathematics are not included on the GRE.


  • Analytical Writing Section – for this section, test takers have two 30-minutes periods to write two essays. The analytical writing section aims to measure the test takers ability in thinking logically on the basis of a set of rules, and analyzing situations using common sense. There are two types of questions for this section: questions on logical reasoning and analytical reasoning.


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