History of Dominica

By | July 14, 2020

Dominica is one of the countries that was colonized after the native Caribs fierce resistance against the Europeans that were residing at their country’s jurisdiction. However, the Caribs that have settled themselves in the 14th century called the island Waitikubuli, Christopher Columbus named it after the day when he discovered it on November 4, 1493.

Therefore, some of the historical facts concerning the history of Dominica and you will know how to get Dominica citizenship in Dubai and Canada immigration agents in Dubai are in the section below:

  1. The Spanish have taken a little interest in Dominica after the absence of gold caused by the daunted and fierce behavior and resistance from the Caribs and have discouraged the people of Dominica disrespectfully, however, France has laid claim to the island of Dominica in 1635 and have wrestled against the British for the claim of it until 18th century.
  2. However, in 1805, the French have burned the lands of Roseau as because it was in the firm possession of the British, therefore, the sugar plantations of Dominica’s more accessible slopes were made because of this confiscation.
  3. In 1967, Dominica has gained the autonomy in the internal affairs of West Indies associated states, and on November 3, 1978 – Dominica has become the legal and an independent state within the jurisdiction of the Commonwealth.
  4. After gaining independence, the first year of Dominica’s freedom was a turbulent one as the first prime minister of Dominica have been forced for many weeks to resign, and therefore, the prime minister of Dominica, Mr. Patrick John resigned after a series of corrupt schemes turned out to be in his favor because he had made a deal with US developers that 15% of the annual generation of revenue will transfer to the banks of USA.
  5. The natural disasters also play a vital role in the history of Dominica, therefore, one of the biggest foe, Hurricane David, struck the houses and the people of Dominica with a speed force of more than 150mph which had killed forty-two people and have destroyed more than 75 percent of the homes of the people of Dominica.
  6. However, in the mid of July, the new prime minister of Dominica was elected, and therefore, was a woman to hold the office of the Dominica and Caribbean Island respectively.