Managing Diabetes at Home

By | July 2, 2017

Living with diabetes can be difficult. Diabetes patients can testify how hard it is to manage the disease and sometimes you feel hopeless and alone. Without someone to monitor them in a professional medical facility, they don’t have a team to take good care of them. This can lead them to ignore your management and left everything to chance.

But diabetes patients need to remember that they can manage this disease even though they are at home. Diabetes home care Dubai professionals are very keen on giving their patients tips and hacks to manage diabetes in the comforts of their home.



  1. Get additional support

Additional support would mean professionally and medically. The reason why most patients give up is because there is one to motivate them through the management, especially when they are experiencing a sort of relapse. Have a friend or relative to help you on this trying times and remind you of your commitment towards your maintenance. If you are having a hard time moving around the house, hire a nurse that can assist you and take good care of your health. There are home care nursing in Dubai that can provide you with this kind of service.



  1. Remind yourself your management

Patients have forgetful tendencies. And if you missed one medication, this could result to a severe attack. Remind yourself of your diabetes management. Print and post copies of your diabetes management all over your home. You can also put a reminder on your smartphones and mobiles. Make sure that you include the time, the medication that you need to take and what it is for.


  1. Maintain a healthy lifestyle

Diabetes is an untreatable disease, but you can still keep it from spreading through a healthy lifestyle. Eat food that are good for your body and avoid the ones that can mess up your management. Do some exercises to keep your body fit and healthy. Ward off smoking and alcohol as this can derail your management.


  1. Keep up with your check up

Managing diabetes at home would make some patients think that they can manage it on their own. Even if you are feeling good, you still need to attend your regular check up to see how your body is responding to your treatment and management.


  1. Do not forget your hotline

Always save your “diabetes hotline” number on your phone in case you experience an attack related to diabetes. Get your doctor’s number on speed dial as well your relatives that you can contact just in case.